Amy Klobuchar: Earnest

Amy Klobuchar: Post Debate Analysis

Pre/Post Debate Social Media

Senator Klobuchar was getting very little traction on Twitter before the debate, averaging under 1000 mentions per day. The day after the debate, her mentions spiked at over 18,000. The day after that her mention counts went back to pre-debate levels.

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Amy Klobuchar Twitter Mentions Pre/Post 1st Democratic Debate

Top Twitter Narratives

“Amy Klobuchar is a bleeding-heart liberal who only pretends to care about moderates.”

Sen. Klobuchar has positioned herself as a moderate counterbalance to the more radical Democratic candidates. It seems that the right wing is chipping away at that positioning.

The topmost cluster came from a tweet by Kayleygh McEnany, the press secretary for Trump’s re-election campaign, accused Klobuchar of misrepresenting the rising cost of Medicare coverage.

“Amy Klobuchar has no charisma.”

The second most prevalent cluster of tweets came from the Democratic base. It focused on Sen. Klobuchar’s earnest but uncharismatic answers and questioned her viability as a real POTUS contender.

“Amy Klobuchar is a straight-shooter.”
This supportive narrative was a distant third in terms of tweet volume. It picked up on meme-ready statements from the debate. This was the narrative that Sen. Klobuchar presumably wanted to dominate the conversation.

Who’s Talking about Amy?

Overall discussion centered amount the Democratic base, but the most amplified narrative spread among the right-leaning tweeters.

In the days following the debate, Twitter conversation about Klobuchar dwindled down. It does not appear that she got much boost from the debate. As we continue to follow Sen. Klobuchar’s online coverage, we’re interested in seeing if the debate diminishes her standing among the Democratic base.

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