Election 2020: Twitter is not Real Life, and yet …


Trump-related Twitter chatter over the last several weeks skews heavily to the left of the political spectrum, i.e. the Twitterverse dislikes Trump more than they like him.


Biden-related Twitter chatter is also more left-leaning, but the contrast is less stark.

What about the polls?

In overall volume, left-leaning criticism of Trump dominates over left-leaning support for Biden, with right-leaning Trump support and Biden criticism bringing up the rear.

Our observations sync up with the national polls of the two candidates’ approval ratings: People are generally more in favor of Biden than Trump, and more anti-Trump than they are pro-Biden – as demonstrated by this 538 chart:


To conclude – while Twitter is not real life and does not represent the opinions of everyday people, it nevertheless reflects activists’ and elites’ understanding of how the race is shaping up.

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